IPC: one step ahead with innovation

In these challenging times, IPC has taken very seriously the new and unprecedented scenarios we have all been facing in the last few months.

Conscious of a stronger responsibility, the R&D department, the technical experts and engineers have brought together all their know-how and worked with a renewed commitment during the lockdown period.

The company has involved the entire supply chain, the sales partners located in more than 140 countries, several cleaning sectors experts, many contract cleaners, some qualified associations and accredited laboratories in this brainstorming activity, all of whom have responded promptly with effective and unique integrated cleaning ideas.

The whole IPC organization,  feeling a new motivation and taking “one step ahead”, has been focusing on a big project to redefine and implement a renewed, dedicated and complete functional range of integrated solutions.

The goal is to provide our customers with effective responses, in compliance with the additional precautionary cleaning practices now required to protect communities all around the world.

An example of IPC innovation is the New spraying system.

New Spraying System – 4 in 1

IPC  has borrowed the best spraying technologies available on the market and incorporated them into the products.

In this way a range of flexible solutions now allows spraying on to floors, vertical surfaces and tricky areas in a safer and more efficient way than before.

The New Spraying System is extremely efficient  and can easily be retrofitted on to all IPC ride-on scrubber-driers.

It can be controlled via the front panel and can also be used from the drive position with the aid of a spraying lance.

The spraying tank and its trolley can be taken off the scrubber and used as a hand held device for better results, on small to medium sized surfaces.

The tank can also be used as a back pack sprayer, with a hand held lance to spray hard-to-reach or uneven areas.

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