IPC generators: the power of steam

Steam cleaning is the most effective, economical and natural method on all surfaces: it does not damage them and leaves no chemical residues.

This is why IPC offers a wide range of steam generators, from the smallest SG-08 and SG-10, to the most powerful and industrial SG-70, all designed to meet cleaning requirements.

All steam generators are professionally safe, reliable and highly performing, adaptable to any application and situation.

The silent “steam only” models are ideal for everyday cleaning of floors and surfaces, while models equipped with the vacuum system are particularly suitable for extraordinary maintenance work and for the most demanding cleaning needs.

The SG-08 and SG-10 models are the most compact and easy-to-use steam generators in the entire IPC range: intuitive in their use, they are particularly suitable for the food, HoReCa and Retail sectors.

SG-48 is the steam generator with suction. The stainless steel structure and boiler make it reliable, robust and durable. The steam cleaning, combined with the use of detergents makes this machine suitable in healthcare, crafts and small industry.

The SG-70 is the most powerful steam generator in the range. With its high capacity boiler, a 50 litre tank and an antilimescale system it is the ideal machine for intensive use in the industrial, wine, food and transport sectors.

A complete range of accessories is available with these machines, to adapt the machine to different environments and tasks.

These accessories have been designed both for standard daily activities and for more intensive maintenance treatments of surfaces and equipment.

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