Innova: scrubbing machine to the hotel sector


Cleanliness and hygiene are increasingly important in the hotel sector, and are crucial for the overall quality of the service offered to guests. It is therefore clear just how important it has become for hotels to use effective, superior performance professional machines to ensure the best cleaning results possible in these spaces, which are exposed to large numbers of visitors.

Comac, a leading brand in professional hygiene technology, presents the new Innova range to the operators in this sector, which has extremely specific needs. A range of extraordinarily easy to use scrubbing machines ideal for cleaning surfaces up to 6,000 m². In particular, the Innova 60 B has been conceived to drastically cut floor cleaning costs per square meter, offering a significant advantage in terms of competitivity for the end user. Innova 65/75/85/100 B are scrubbing machines which guarantee a great
reduction in the cost of cleaning thanks not only to an advantageous purchase price but also to the complete equipment of all Comac systems that reduce waste and consumption.

It is possible to choose between the manual version (Innova M) where the squeegee and the brush head are controlled by two independent levers for a very simple and immediate use and the automatic version equipped with a working program selector which allows to choose among four pre-set working programs.

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