IDROBASE: Dolly Spare parts and Autobella Detergents

DOLLY Spare Parts by Idrobase: “We are World n°1 on Spare Parts”

Idrobase Group, the world’s n°1 in the production of spare parts for h.p pumps, presents the news: – direct branding on Made in Italy products, a guarantee of quality and reliability – Eco-friendly packaging

The wide range of DOLLY Spare Parts is compatible with over 1,500 pumps from the most popular h.p washer manufacturers in the world with: – delivery times of 2 days from order date – prices on average 25% lower – all ensuring the excellence of Made in Italy.

Idrobase Group is a unique reference point for customers and makes it possible to purchase all the necessary spare parts to repair all pumps of all h.p washers from a single supplier.

Autobella Detergents – Producing detergent independently costs you -40% compared to importing.

Interclean was the stage for the presentation of the Autobella Detergents programme for:

  • Carwash
  • Ho.Re.Ca.
  • Floor Scrubber Dryer

The program offers a rapid and secure process for preparing your own detergents starting from a super concentrated detergent. The novelty was received with great curiosity and enthusiasm, also thanks to the guarantee of a 40% saving compared to the import of detergent. Idrobase Group provides everything you need for your business: brand, know-how, equipment, and customer database are included in the complete solution.

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