Hypoallergenic and virus protective glove

By REFLEXX. Hand dermatitis is a reaction of the epidermis to exposure to irritating natural or artificial chemicals. For those who for professional reasons wear disposable gloves for several hours a day, latex but also nitrile gloves can be the cause of dermatitis.

via Rocca 5046019 – Viadana – MN – Italy

Reflexx has therefore introduced the new Reflexx N71: it is a hypoallergenic 4.2 g. powder-free disposable nitrile glove (size M) suitable for the hands of those suffering from dermatitis and type IV allergy.

It is made with LOW DERMA TM, a technology that adopts a heavy metals and accelerating chemical elements (e.g. thiurami) free production process.

It is 0,09 mm thick, so it represents the right balance between protection and sensitivity.

Reflexx N71 is certified to protect against viruses too. This glove has successfully passed the ISO 16604: 2004 virus protection tests (Phi-X174 bacteriophage). I

t was therefore suitable to guarantee protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

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