FM5: efficacy, saving, stock reduction, eco-friendly, convenience

FM5 method by Allegrini is an innovative dilution system for super concentrated detergents, certified by research & development laboratories.

It allows to getup to 12 different products characterized by a constant concentration and by the absence of contaminationarising from bacteria or mineral salts thanks to the efficient water filtration system. The whole process was studied to ensure an effective and constant performance, easy use and great savings.

The most important advantages for the final user can be summarized in five basic points:

– efficacy: givenby the yield per square meter, by the wetting power, the high degree of saponification, the disruptive action of dirt and by the efficacious disinfection;
– cost Saving: the product dilutions allow to drastically reduce operating costs;
– stock reduction: an entire stock of detergents and disinfectants always available, taking up less than one square meter;
– eco-friendly: effective against dirt and environmentally friendly. The packaging of a detergent is reducedof the 95%;
– convenience: the practicality of producing detergent whenever and wherever you want.

The added value of FM5 is the service offered by Allegrini that, with its sales technicians, will be at your side to optimize every step of the process, also providing training to your staff. FM5 method covers the supply of empty bottles with spraydispensers and labels with color code on which are set out clear instructions for use.

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