FIMAP: the clever cleaning of the CB-1



At Interclean Amsterdam 2024 Fimap showcased the clever cleaning of the CB-1

In pole position, almost as if to welcome visitors to the stand, Fimap’s CB-1 autonomous scrubber-dryer literally worked non-stop for the four days of the event, displaying its abilities in a special area.

CB-1 is an exclusive project in which Fimap has invested significantly, in order to come up with the most accurate and useful solution to the actual needs of the market. It is not just a product to complete the range, but an assistant that helps when and where it is needed, to reduce costs and increase cleaning productivity.

CB-1 is a collaborative robot, thus not meant to replace the operator, but to support human activity by carrying out time-consuming and repetitive tasks that, however simple, take up valuable time from qualified personnel, who can then spend it on more appropriate tasks. Companies can optimize the cleaning schedule and even add more services. 

The autonomous CB-1 scrubbing machine features a circular design that makes it nimble when moving and avoiding obstacles. The sophisticated sensor system guarantees the best detection of space, and therefore safe operations at anytime. The operator works in total peace of mind, giving minimal supervision to CB-1, which carries out its own mission in total autonomy.


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