Filmop presents AlphaSplit

Filmop presents AlphaSplit: the only trolley customizable up to 8 waste sections.

Filmop has always been in the front line in favour of raw materials recycling, developing systems which allow a more simple and efficient waste separate collection. Now the company presents AlphaSplit to the market, an innovating system for the separate waste collection, fitting the bag holder of Alpha service trolleys: a practical and versatile solution not only to comply with the current laws, but also to develop increasingly sustainable cleaning systems. FILMOP_prodotto greenThanks to the new removable drawer positioned underneath the bag holder and the dividers of the upper section, you can foresee and customize up to 6 different compartments for the waste collection, which can increase to 8 sections by adding other small dividers. From now on, in one single waste collection compartment of the trolley it is possible to get the right space for any kind of waste, according to the specific environment, the required capacity and the type of selective waste collection.

Furthermore, the new removable drawer can be used as an additional storage area of the trolley, so as to transport small cleaning tools or various objects, depending on the specific needs. You can finally use a trolley with the highest performance in a minimal volume: it combines the waste collection, wet mopping and storage compartments in a mobile, compact and handy workstation that fits even the smallest space.

AlphaSplit is only the latest step of the several ones taken by Filmop towards eco-sustainability, such as the important PSV – Plastic Second Life – certification: all Alpha trolleys are made indeed with at least 30% of recycling plastic materials.

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