Evogen product launch to set new quality standard

Genesis Product Research

Global bioscience company Genesis Biosciences has developed market-leading microbial technology for the total facilities management industry with its new Evogen product range.

Evogen and the newly-launched Evogen Professional range are microbial cleaning products that have been developed with an emphasis on improved product performance as well as ecological safety and stability in order to create more advanced, effective solutions for its customers.

Whereas traditional biological formulas offer the same type of products consisting of a single standard bacteria type for every product and application, the Evogen range has been specifically designed with tailored microbial strains.

Genesis Biosciences researches and tests specific microbes and then ferments pure bacteria strains that work in specific application areas. This ensures the Evogen product delivers a targeted and highly-efficacious cleaning performance that does not have any negative impacts on the surrounding environment where it is applied.

This makes the Evogen products safer to use, compared with harsher chemical products, and therefore improves the health and safety for consumers and the workforce.

By creating unique microbial formulas, the Evogen range also delivers a superior and more sustainable performance in comparison with current market products. Other chemical cleaning products offer short-term benefits, as a surface is only clean immediately after the chemical is applied; however the Evogen ranges continue to work after being applied. The microbes once applied, cultivate in the area of application, and this ensures the Evogen products continued to be effective against organic material after application.

This reduces the labour costs of having to re-apply chemical cleaning products, and makes the Evogen range more economically efficient. Reducing the use of chemical products also carries the benefit of preserving asset value, and reducing the impact of damage from harsh chemicals.

Phil Caunt

Phil Caunt, Research and Development Specialist at Genesis Biosciences, said: “The Evogen product range has been developed through years of ground-breaking research and development. We’re confident in saying that Evogen is a unique product range that delivers superior, documented, scientifically validated and verified results, and is safe for the user and the environment.

By offering a genuine eco-friendly and sustainable market alternative, we believe we can help businesses economically while also protecting the environment as well as their customers and employees.

To get in touch with Genesis about their Evogen ranges

contact Claudio Cherubini at cc@genesisbiosciences.com

or visit their website http://www.genesisbiosciences.co.uk/specific-solutions.

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