Eveline-Battery: complete cleaning system

Eveline-Battery is the Santoemma patented system for complete cleaning and sanitizing of 100-200 square meters furnished places, with areas of different type: restrooms, working areas, offices, walkways, store-rooms, changing rooms, kitchens, café and restoration areas.

Eveline-Battery allows to perfectly clean and sanitize vertical surfaces, sanitary fixtures and hard floor. Without power cord, the operator can work fast and easily.

The battery charger is on-board for an easy charging. Phases of Eveline-Battery cleaning and sanitizing system: Spraying of chemical solution on all the surfaces (walls, sanitary fixtures, hard floor). Chemical action against dirt and bacteria (30 seconds are enough). Rinsing with clean water, to remove dirt and bacteria from the vertical surfaces. Vacuuming of residual liquid from floors.

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