EquipHotel: Awards for the innovation


French show dedicated at Hôtellerie presents INNOV16 (in previous editions was called Equip’Innov), a showcase of the innovations of a dynamic and fascinating field.

The approximately 350 innovations (150 more than in 2014) declared this year by the exhibitors, after a pre-selection made by the committee of experts, have been submitted to a vote of buyers.
The jury of experts and buyers reveals graduates in 2016 in the eight competition categories (Construction and renovation; Tableware; Interior design, lighting, furniture (indoor and outdoor); Large kitchens, cafeterias and bars; Food, beverages).
Quickly point out the winner of the category CONSTRUCTION AND RENOVATION, Xlight Premium Collection by Porcelanosa
1– porcelain Grès tiles, highly perforated (120x120cm and 120x250cm, thick, stone or marble effect 6mm), because the materials are important for those who He takes care of cleaning and we dedicate a space for innovation that can cover the sectors of our most specific interest:

2For HYGIENE AND CLEANING, LINEN TEXTILE PROFESSIONA the winner is Sutran Drilook Technology Std Chef Jacket by Norvil. It is the first kitchen jacket with smart fabric that can completely eliminate perspiration stains and allows it to you to carry out their activities in peace and security, knowing that you will not see the perspiration stains.

The plus for the jury: The patented combination of two Sutran tissues that, bound together, creating an air chamber that allows the complete evaporation of perspiration before it is visible and consequently keeps the clothes and the skin dry all the time . In addition, it causes a temperature control effect, that keeps the temperature of the body.

For the topic SPA, BATHROOM the prize was awarded to Shower Capsules by Skinjay. Dedicated the wellness industry hôtellerie luxury adapting the coffee capsule in the shower concept to redefine the bathroom as a place to live, on demand, the unique sensory experiences. Skinjay operates in more than 100 luxury hotels in Europe, including George V, Plaza Athénée in Paris, Shangri La – London. 3
The plus for the jury: Skinjay features a patented universal device that connects without jobs and in a minute for every type of shower, which allows the inclusion of 100% natural capsules to diffuse essential oils, perfumes and skin treatments or the hair directly into the shower. Skinjay thus transforms every shower into a moment of personal well-being.

For TECHNOLOGIES the winner is Moins De Gaspi Au Resto by Betterfly
Moins de Gaspi Au Resto is software that allows you to measure and monitor food waste that will appeal to the commercial catering. Allows you to identify and follow through time food losses by type and quantity of waste, in kg and euro, compared to a panel restaurants thanks to the reporting interface, for groups or territories.4
The plus for the jury: On line instrument that can measure and monitor over time food waste in order to reduce them through so many things: a detection method for phases – a waste converter cost matter – a measurement of the expenses, costs and of waste generated theoretical – a catalog of specific actions cards in the catering profession.

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