The 2018-2020 EFCI’s Activity Report looks back at the intense work program implemented in the last two years to develop and implement EFCI’s renovated strategy.

Taking as a starting point the celebration of EFCI’s 30th anniversary, the report highlights the visibility and recognition that the sector has gained through a strengthened internal collaboration as well as the support and constructive relationships with all stakeholders, as key as ever to navigate this challenging times.

Despite the very hard circumstances of 2020, the last two years brought great achievements for the EFCI.

Since 2018 the EFCI has further developed into a vibrant network of engaged associations and a recognised voice for the cleaning and facility services sector at EU level.

The report summarises the main results of EFCI’s work in social affairs or public procurement and provides an overview of the tools developed to communicate them to the industry and at to the European Institutions.

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