CS700 and CS800: comfortable, versatile and robust sweepers

CS700 and CS800: comfortable, versatile and robust sweepers

CS700 and CS800 is a range of industrial ride-on sweepers created to offer maximum comfort for the operator. Strong and reliable, these floor sweepers were designed to offer great productivity and effective cleaning.

Available with two types of power supply: battery-powered or gasoline to meet different cleaning requirements, CS700 and CS800 are suitable for cleaning industrial environments, car parks and all indoor and outdoor areas measuring up to 15.000 sq.m.

Comac has always designed and made products that aim to reduce the environmental impact of its cleaning operations.

Today more than ever, thanks to the constant research Comac’s sustainable technologies can optimize use of resources, and stop water, energy and detergent getting wasted.

CS700 and CS800 are equipped with some special technologies:

CFC – Comac Fleet Care
Comac’s technology for the fleet management that increases efficiency and reduces costs.
Thanks to the CFC system it is possible to preserve the investment as it allows the remote control of machines status: if, when and where each machine is operating or if maintenance is needed, to let you promptly intervene avoiding machine downtimes and unexpected costs.

The system for making cleaning operations more economical, optimizing consumption and reducing emissions.
When the machine is temporarily idle, the functions are interrupted automatically, thanks to this, consumption is optimized and waste reduced.

ECO Mode
The Comac technology for the reduction of noise that allows resources to be saved and waste to be reduced.
Only one button to reduce energy consumption and noise level of CS700 and CS800, it is an ideal working setting for maintenance cleaning and to use the machine in sensitive or frequented environments.

To discover more information visit our website: https://www.comac.it/en/ and read the articles of The Comac Blog: https://blog.comac.it/?lang=en


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