Covid-19 vaccines: what affects people’s behavior

Understanding the determinants of acceptance of COVID-19
vaccines: a challenge in a fast-moving situation
‘ is an interesting comment of Pierre Verger and Patrick Peretti-Watel*, published in The Lancet Public Health. We report the beginning…

Michaël Schwarzinger and colleagues’ study on the determinants of COVID-19 vaccine acceptance or refusal, published in The Lancet Public Health, provides an interesting novel perspective that differs from those of the many general population surveys thus far reported.

The authors’ experiment, conducted in July, 2020, assessed the effects of various scenarios on participants’ intentions to be vaccinated against COVID-19. These scenarios were constructed by varying the characteristics of hypothetical COVID-19 vaccines (efficacy, risk of severe sideeffects, and country of manufacturer) and vaccination strategies (herd immunity target and place of vaccin administration).

This design enabled them to distinguish between systematic outright rejection of future COVID-19 vaccines (regardless of their characteristics) and vaccine hesitancy, which was sensitive to these characteristics. Their results might therefore be important in terms of vaccination strategy.

*Faculté des sciences médicales et paramédicales, Observatoire régional de la santé -Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Marseille 13 385, France (PV, PP-W); UMR Vitrome, Mediterrannean Infection Institute, Aix-Marseille University, IRD (PP-W)

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