Comac: Innova Comfort, a ride-on floor scrubber

Innova Comfort is a ride-on floor scrubber that is both extremely comfortable and easy to use. The capacity of the tanks and the technical features of the Innova Comfort – by Comac – make it an excellent partner for maintenance cleaning; it is fast and effective, and can guarantee the utmost discretion during cleaning operations, thanks to the devices for noise reduction that are fitted as standard.

In consideration of the current scenario, and as part of its ongoing attention to the environment, Comac has given the Innova Comfort innovative technologies directed towards saving resources, reducing waste and limiting consumption.

Moreover, Innova Comfort can be equipped with CED – Comac Electrostatic Disinfector. Thanks to this kit the floor scrubber can scrub, dry and simultaneously nebulize a sanitizing solution. As such, with a single machine, both the cleaning and hygienization phases can be carried out simultaneously.

Innova Comfort is suitable for working in areas characterized by the passage of a high number of people such as the public sector, educational establishments, swimming pools, gyms and supermarkets, and all situations that require professional cleaning of floors up to 6000sq.m.

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