COMAC: 50 years of innovations in professional floor cleaning


Comac celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, a great achievement that highlights many years of excellence and innovation in the professional cleaning sector

Since 1974, large investments have been made in research and development, which have allowed Comac to design SELF.Y, the company’s great proposal for autonomous cleaning. Designed to be a collaborative and intelligent cleaning partner that combines performance and productivity to take cleaning operations to the next level. Perfect combination of performance SELF.Y works in complete autonomy and safety, taking cleaning operations to a higher level.

To maintain the high quality standards of the company and continue to meet the changing needs of the market, Comac has designed Combimac, a new combined machine, which is born from the union on a single frame of all the knowledge of Comac regarding scrubbing machines and sweepers.

Able to combine the characteristics of a floor scrubber with those of industrial sweepers, Combimac offers high performance in terms of cleaning efficiency and ergonomics, increasing productivity.

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