Cleaning market in Russia is not growing


The crisis – in general – is not yet over.

This is evident by the number of requests to participate in tenders. As reported by the Russian magazine, there was a general decline in consumption, for example, it has increased the number of shopping centers, but many spaces are empty (this year is expected to open six large shopping malls – a total area 778,000 square – and the total amount of space in shopping centers in Moscow has reached 5.1 million square meters.

However, vacancies in shopping centers rose from 6 to 9.1%. And they have also started opening segments at a lower price.

The cleaning industry that had a development now undergoes an arrest. Customer flow dries up, cleaning companies begin to look for segments that the crisis has affected less. For example, the cleaning of apartments and works ‘one-off’ special maintenance (such as the crystallization of surfaces in marble and granite, works that instead decreased for regular maintenance).

Companies have become smaller and aggressive, competition has become more difficult. Increase advertising and aggressive marketing by cleaning companies for their services using all means of communication, from advertising to web systems less orthodox, the dumping of tenders and the denigration of competition: it’s a real battle to take the customer.

Not all utility companies will survive this year, just the largest and most financially stable ones.

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