CELTEX: E-TISSUE, the “first-gen” recycled paper


Celtex: E-TISSUE, the “first-gen” recycled paper, as strong yet delicate as pure pulp

Environmental consciousness and eco-sustainability are central principles in today’s professional cleaning field. Indeed, experts from the industry are increasingly seeking products, that deliver value to the environment, as resulting from responsible production processes, which still guarantee high performances of use. .

Responding to the demands of the Away-From-Home market, Celtex offers E-Tissue, the “First-Gen” recycled paper, obtained by the recovery of Kraft offcuts and pure pulp fibres coming from the converting line during the production cycle in pre-consumer phase.

This union results in a clean recycled paper, that gives new life to material that would otherwise be thrown away. In a perfect circular economy perspective, even the offcuts of E-Tissue itself are incorporated in the manufacturing process of the paper mill. 

Characterised by the pleasant sand-coloured shade, due to the Kraft origins, E-Tissue preserves the main features of the raw material it comes from, turning into a combination of strength, resistance and absorbency with every use.

Paper pleasant to the touch and smell, even when moistened, thanks to the absence of added optical brighteners, in line with environmental and end-user protection. The range meets the main needs of the professional market, going from industrial rolls to hand towels, from jumbo toilet paper to single-wrapped one, defined by an elegant and soft decoration.

Thanks to the patented Flutech® technology, E-Tissue toilet paper dissolves in water in 15 seconds, with the help of the mechanical movement of the drain, avoiding annoying clogging of pipes and emergency plumbing costs. A guarantee of efficiency for the manager of the venue and an assurance of service availability for the customer.

E-Tissue paper is natural, delicate on the skin and PEFC and Ecolabel certified, in full respect of forests and the specific environmental criteria required by the European Union. Moreover, the line complies with the European GPP (Green Public Procurement), mandatory in Italy for cleaning services for public and healthcare environments.

E-Tissue: the “First-Gen” recycled solution as strong yet delicate as pure pulp paper.





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