ARCO CHIMICA and Aladin GT5 to the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2022

ARCO CHIMICA was nominated for the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2022 with the Aladin GT5, professional detergent with automatic dilution system.

Aladin GT5 is an automatic detergent dispenser of super concentrated product to obtain the ready to use solution. Is the only system that allows to obtain a certain cost of detergents, because the dilutions of the products are managed by a software previously programmed according to the costumer’s needs. Ideal solution for hospitals, offices, gyms, schools and universities and commercial activities in general.

The goal is to bring costumer attention to super concentrated product because is possible to benefit the reduction of warehouse, logistic costs, and by totally reducing packaging.

The impact the system in category Health & Hygiene

Never before has it been essential to control and monitor the flow of consumption and related costs within structures that have always been exposed to waste of chemical products. The system guarantees that employees do not come into contact with concentrated chemicals. Aladin allows a certain cost of cleaning, compared to the traditional way. ARCO CHIMICA believes that the Aladin GT5 has a strong impact in terms of safety The product range offers the opportunity to develop a 360 ° green cleaning plan thanks to Ecolabel certified and zero impact products.

What is the innovation?

Aladin represents a more singular challenge in the context of a market characterized by risks for the operator and uncontrolled consumption. It was created with the aim of providing a highly technological and safe solution in the cleaning sector.

It is a safe and automated cleaning system for the operator since the correct dilution of the product, guaranteed by the system, allows an improvement or elimination of the danger symbol from super concentrated detergent to ready-to-use product. Aladin system aims to optimize the dilution and use of detergents.

About Aladin GT5

Aladin is an automatic detergent dispenser that aims to optimize and control the dilution and use of detergents. It allows, in fact, a targeted assessment of consumption according to all the cleaning operations planned on construction sites, for each operator and for each product. Aladin is the only system that allows you to obtain a Certain Cost of cleaning.


  • Consumption control
  • Monthly cleaning fee
  • Reduction of chemical product costs
  • Zero chemical risk for operators
  • Staff training
  • Reduction of chemicals stock
  • Remote reporting and traceability of the consumed Environmental Improvement Report
  • Emergency assistance
  • Complete product range Food – Ecolabel – Hotel

The best solution for: Hospitals, Schools and universities, Nursing homes, Gyms, Business, Office, Medical practices…

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