Aquatain, a new generation product


Aquatain AMF e Aquatain Drops are presented by  Bleu Line – B.L. Group.

Easy to apply, effective for at least 4 weeks, Aquatain AMF is a unique silicone-based liquid for mosquitos control.

It spreads rapidly across the water surface, forming a very thin film.

Aquatain AMF has a physical action rather than a chemical action – no toxic chemicals.

The thin film on the water surface kills immature mosquito stages and disrupts the mosquito lifecycle. A very simple principle, but a highly effective product.

For the application is not required no spray equipment. Pour the right quantity on the surface to be treated (1 ml per square meter of water surface). Repeat application in 4 weeks.

Aquatain AMF is for use in standing water such as gutters, ponds, blocked drains, water tanks, pot plants, buckets, septic tanks and old tyres – anywhere that mosquitoes breed.



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