AIR FOG, electric sprayer

Air Fog® by ORMA is an electric sprayer ULV compact and handy, engineered for the saturation and nebulization of concentrated or ready-to-use liquids, in industrial and civil environments.

Built in Italy with heavy-duty thermoplastic material resistant to shocks and chemical corrosion, equipped with 3 nozzles spraying simultaneously, provides a 5-7 m output.

Air Fog® allows cold saturation up to 800 m3 in 2 minutes, producing particles of 10 to 50 micron. The black regulation valve allows you adjust the flow and range of power.

Air Fog® can be used for DISINFESTATION, DISINFECTION AND PERFUMING treatments. It’s an ideal instrument for the pest control treatments indoors and for disinfection of warehouses, restaurants, bars, zootechnical farm, civil houses.

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