AIISA INAIL Safety Booklet

One of the main goals of AIISA is the safety of workers during the HVAC Cleaning operations. For this reason AIISA has strong links with INAIL As a result of this collaboration, AIISA and INAIL have prepared a brochure entitled: “Air conditioning systems: health and safety in inspection, cleaning and restoration activities”.opuscolo aiisa inail

The brochure contains clear references to the AIISA Protocol and the ACR 2013 of NADCA and is also downloadable from the INAIL site (


The publication provides useful information to prevent accidents and occupational diseases related to the inspection and cleaning of air conditioning systems. It also promotes safe behaviors and the proper use of protective equipment and devices.

The different phases that characterize the inspection and remediation operations are examined, associating each of them with a given risk. For each risk, PPE (Personal Protective Devices) is identified with their proper use. DPIs have been inserted into dedicated tabs.

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