ADIATEK: Interclean 2024 gives us great satisfaction!


Interclean 2024 gives ADIATEK great satisfaction! We had the chance to meet, forge bonds and listen to your needs, to propose the cleaning product that satisfies the needs described. 

Among the models presented on the stand, in addition to the autonomous machines, stands out the new and small ride-on scrubber from Adiatek, coral 50.

The compactness and easy handling make this cleaning machine particularly suitable for cleaning the floors of narrow and cluttered spaces (elevators, supermarkets, small-medium industries, schools, gyms).

The innovative and ergonomic design, high productivity, low noise-level, and ease-of-use distinguish this machine on the market.

The control panel is large, the user interface is intuitive. The squeegee, which is behind the brush, rotates together with the machine, drying perfectly even when cornering. Thanks to the new quick coupler squeegee assembly the maintenance is simple. The machine easily rotates on itself 360° making the cleaning easier in confined spaces.


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