A steam system for the food industry

Every day is a challenge, and Tecnovap with the collaboration of its demonstration technicians in Italy and around the world tests and processes increasingly advanced steam systems, adaptable to the increasingly demanding requirements of the food industry.

The most problem in the industrial field is waste residues. The traditional method of cleaning with high-pressure water is manifesting itself as a problem for all those companies that in their own cleaning operations cannot afford to waste any more of quintals and quintals of water and its disposal at a later date with the various waste residues.

The solution is the Tecnovap steam systems, which generate dry steam at 180 ° C – 10 bar dissolve the dirt from the surface, sanitizing it, leaving it dry and clean. All this by eliminating the problem of flooding on the soil and machinery.

Several multinationals have already chosen this system by replacing it with the traditional high-pressure cleaner method, in those places such as automated assembly lines with robots and photocells, where cleaning with water was not possible due to flooding of the surfaces and later disposal of various residues.

Depending on requirements, Tecnovap saturated steam can be combined with:

Wet / dry vacuum cleaner (for removing loose dirt)

Injection of superheated water (for more resistant dirt where there is also need for mechanical action)

Injection of detergent with the steam (to speed up the cleaning of the encrusted surfaces)

High pressure water (to speed up the removal of dirt dissolved by the steam).

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