A new road sweeper by Isal

The ISAL 6000 euro 6 is the new version of the road sweeper that is completely compatible with environmental standards.isal 6000 copia

ISAL 6000 Euro 6 is the ideal choice for urban and suburban areas, ports and airports, and also for cleaning large industrial areas such as foundries, cement factories, and steel mills.

The control panel is really user-friendly thanks to the ‘touchscreen’ dashboard with the Can Bus system, the work of the operator is much simpler.

This machine is also equipped with a patented system for controlling and regulating the hydraulic pressure of the central brush, the Clever Detective System, which allows it to be used even in the presence of bumps and irregular pavements.

A third side brush, controlled by the operator from the cabin via the joystick, can work on both sides of the machine and allows an even more efficient sweeping.

The side brushes are equipped with a  system with water system and tank capacity of 500 lt. A flexible hose also allows for a complete cleaning even in areas hard to reach for the machine.

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