Nanoscudo, a new line based on nanotechnology

NANOSCUDO is a new line of easy-to-use non-toxic liquid compounds based on nanotechnology produced by DIAL Professional.

The range comprises: Nanoscudo Antivandalico: anti-graffiti protective, allows the removal of the graffiti simply by pressure water. Nanoscudo Stone: hydro-oil-repellence on liquid substances (any pH). Transpirates after drying. Nanoscudo Glass: against dirt and limescale deposits on glass surfaces (water repellency and transparency). Nanoscudo Wood : water-repellent for wood and teak (garden furniture, boats). Nanoscudo Cloth: water repellency and perspirability on fabrics, upholstery and furniture (technical clothing, shop curtains, bus seats). Nanoscudo Sun: specific for solar panels, makes them self-cleaning from dust and soil but transparent for maximum efficiency. Nanoscudo Strong: water-repellent in case of strong acidity, basicity or salinity (sea salt, strong pollution). Nanoscudo Antifouling: in the marine sector, ecological anti-fouling for hulls. It also reduces friction on the water, thus reducing fuel consumption.


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